The PACFile Dashboard

A dashboard is the name of a popular website function that represents a personalized homepage for registered users of a site. This is an important feature to understand because your Dashboard plays a significant role within PACFile. Every time you access PACFile on the UJS Web Portal, your Dashboard represents the starting point for submitting, managing, and viewing case-related information electronically in the Pennsylvania Courts.


Filings in Progress

Learn more about the saved, but unsubmitted, filings that appear under the Saved Filings, Approval Requested, Submission Requested, and Submitted for Actions tabs.


Recently Completed Filings

A list of all the filings that you have submitted via PACFile within the last 15 days.




Viewing and Managing Notifications

Notifications keep you informed about the things important to you. Multiple tools are available to help.


Notification Categories

Learn more about the various type of notifications you may receive


E-Mail Notifications

You don't have to be logged into PACFile to see that you have notifications.


Forwarding Notifications

Learn more about the situations in which you can forward a notification to another PACFile-registered individual.


Manage Notification Settings

Learn more about how to manage the frequency of e-mails you receive from Dashboard notifications.




For more information on initiating a new case or case filing in PACFile, refer to the appropriate information for each court:

Supreme Court

Superior Court

Commonwealth Court

Courts of Common Pleas Dependency or Juvenile Delinquency



Case Information

Appellate Court Filings

A list of all court filings filed on your appellate court cases within the past 30 days.


My Cases

A list of all your cases filed within the last year.



Other Searches (Common Pleas cases only)

Case Participant Search

Learn more about how to locate the cases in the Courts of Common Pleas that are associated with a specific case participant.


Calendar Event Search

Learn more about how to locate scheduled court calendar events in the Courts of Common Pleas that are related to a specific case, case participant, or across multiple cases and participants.



Learn more about viewing scheduled events on a specific Common Pleas court calendar and how to request calendar access.



Find a Filing or Case

Docket & Tracking Number Searches

Learn more about locating cases and filings by their unique alphanumeric identifiers.


Find a Case

Learn more about how to find case information regarding any single case.



Case Details

Case Details tabs

Learn more about the information displaying in the tabs of the Case Details screen and the Notification Subscription function designed for organizational proxies.