Organizational Proxying & Access Management Users

In most instances, documents that are submitted electronically are attributed to a single individual that is filing under their own unique UJS Web Portal account. A smaller percentage of filings, however, require the submitter to identify themselves as the organization they work for. This scenario is typically limited to PACFilers who work for state agencies, district attorney offices, and juvenile probation offices. When filings are submitted for these organizations, it is not typically filed on behalf of the individual who completed the PACFile process, but the organization at large. Due to this specific filing requirement, organizational proxying provides the ability for any individual to operate on behalf of their organization, in some capacity, using customized rights granted through PACFile.

Similar to any person who has registered for a UJS Web Portal account, an organization has to be registered as part of the proxy process. Conceptually, the organization must have an "account" within PACFile so proxy relationships can be established, but its not like a typical Web Portal account. An "account" for an organization is unique and must be created with the assistance of the AOPC. As the administrators of the PACFile application, only the AOPC has the ability to create organizations. For more information on this process, contact the AOPC through the UJS Portal's Help Center.

Once an organization has been created, at least one individual within that organization must be identified as the Access Management User (AMU). The AMU is the established authority for the organizational account and is responsible for managing all proxy relationships that are established between the organization and the PACFile-registered individuals who work within it. Comparing this role to the more common attorney/support staff proxying relationship, the AMU is comparable to an attorney. The initial AMU for each organization must be setup by the AOPC. Additional individuals within an organization can promoted to AMU status by the existing AMU or the AOPC. For more information on AMUs, refer to the help topic on Managing Organizations.

Any rights delegated by an AMU on behalf of the organization apply only to the specified individual. This rule applies regardless if the proxy is an attorney or a member of the support staff. Furthermore, no individual can obtain organizational proxy rights through another proxy relationship. For example, if an attorney has been granted rights to file for an organization, those rights are not granted to any proxies for that attorney regardless of their established proxy relationship. All organizational proxy rights must come from an AMU.

If an individual has been granted rights to file on behalf of an organization, the organization will be available to select through the Proxy Selection screen, under their own UJS Portal account, just prior to starting the filing wizard.

For printable step-by-step assistance (with pictures), refer to the following: