Manage Account screen

As a PACFile user, you were required to register for a UJS Web Portal account. During that the registration process, you entered some personal contact information and created a unique password. The Manage Account screen allows you to manage these details following the registration process.

This screen is accessed by hovering over the User Option Menu icon User Option Menu icon and selecting Manage My Account. The screen consists of four distinct sections:

Account Information

This section allows you to confirm and, in most instances, update the following information associated with your UJS Web Portal account:

  • UJS Web Portal User Name - This cannot be changed.

  • First and Last Name

  • A mailing address - A valid address is critical for pro se participants and the use of case access codes.

  • Phone Number

  • E-Mail Address - A valid e-mail address is needed for the receipt of PACFile notifications.

  • Alternate E-Mail Address

If you make any changes to your account information, click the SUBMIT button.




When applicable, a role establishes an individual's identity based on their occupation and purpose for using PACFile:

  • All attorneys should have a role of Attorney. The assignment of this role signifies that the attorney's identity has been verified through the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board and they have the authority to use PACFile accordingly.

  • Some members of law enforcement may have a role of 'Police Officer.' This role signifies that the individual's identity has been verified and allows them to create written allegations for Juvenile Delinquency cases in the Courts of Common Pleas.

  • Pro se participants do not have a role and are required to establish their identity using case access codes.

If not completed during the creation of their UJS Web Portal account, any attorney or police officer that did not establish their role retains the option to add it afterward. The information required to establish an attorney or police officer role is used by PACFile to verify the individual's identity so they can file on the cases on which they are participating. This process can be completed using the following steps:


Add a Role to Your UJS Web Portal Account


In the Manage Account screen, click the Add New Record icon Add New Record above the Roles grid.


In the Request Role screen, select one of the appropriate roles. If you select Attorney, proceed to Step 3. If you select Police Officer, proceed to Step 6.


Click in the PA Bar Number field and enter your bar number.


Click in the Last 4 of SSN field and enter the last four digits of your social security number.


Proceed to Step 9.


Choose the appropriate option from the Certification Agency dropdown.


Enter your Officer Number.

Tip: For most police officers, this is your PSP/MPOETC assigned ID.


Enter your ORI number.


Click SUBMIT. If a popup appears indicating that your request has been submitted, click the OK button.

Upon returning to the Manage Account screen, the individual's new role should appear. An e-mail is also sent to the individual to confirm that the role was added successfully.



Requesting Proxy Rights to an Organization

Individuals who work for certain organizations, such as a state agency, district attorney's office, or juvenile probation office, may have the ability to request the authority to proxy for that organization. Proxying for an organization is often requested when the individual is responsible for tracking the organization's Dashboard notifications or if they will be filing on behalf of the organization. To initiate this request, complete the following steps:


In the Manage Account screen, click the Add New Record icon Add New Record above the Organizations grid.


In the Request Organization screen, click in the Name field and enter the name of the organization that you would like to proxy for.

Tip: Due to how organizations are named, partial searches are recommended. Searches using only one or two words in the organization's name is more likely to produce the desired result. For court or district attorney offices, search by the name of the county in which your organization resides.


Click in the City field and enter name of the city where the organization resides.


Click the SEARCH button.


Based on the results returned, click the checkbox next to the name of the organization you want to proxy for and click the SUBMIT button. If a popup appears indicating that your changes have been saved, click the OK button. This action sends an e-mail to the access management user (AMU) so they can review the request.



Deactivate Account

Your account can be permanently deactivated at any time with the entry of the corresponding password. This action immediately logs you out of the UJS Web Portal and the corresponding username will no longer be valid.